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A guide to managing your team remotely

For the majority of the companies worldwide working from home is the only option during the Covid-19 quarantine period. Fortunately, modern technologies make it possible for managers to administer the...

Help your business survive the Coronavirus

Despite the global health consequences, the Coronavirus has a negative economic impact on small and scaling up businesses. We want to provide you with bits of advice on how entrepreneurs...

Expanded BMKB scheme

The Guarantee for SME Loans (BMKB) The Guarantee for SME Loans (BMKB) will have a faster expansion scheme because of the Coronavirus issues. The easing measure will increase the size...
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SIDN Fund Grant

What is SIDN Fund? SIDN is an independent foundation. It is committed to solutions for security, stability, and trust of the Internet. SIDN is the foundation for internet domain registration...

What is WBSO Subsidy and who can get it?

WBSO: Save money on hiring developers with government support Creation of a valuable business requires a lot of effort and money. Especially, if you are interested in team of professionals...

What is Research & Development activities for the WBSO?

R&D activities differ from organization to organization. Although these activities are generally of high risk and uncertain amount of investment, they are crucial for the product development and expansion of...
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